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How it works
Chelsea Gallery wants to acquire a $3m piece to expand its Warhol collection.

Instead of getting a 3-year art-secured loan at a 13.5% annual interest, it can raise funds from Maecenas investors by listing some of their artwork at a 6% one-off fee. 

This represents a saving of over $400k in fees for the gallery.
One client at Leicester Family Office has given the mandate to diversify her portfolio even further by investing $15m in Fine Art.

Purchasing art pieces from Christie's would incur fees (buyers’ premium) of approximately $2 million.

In comparison, the Family Office could invest via Maecenas in an art-based financial instrument with similar performance, but a drastically smaller fee, therefore increasing the value of their client portfolio by more than $1.5 million.
Joanne is a HNWI who wants to invest $200k in Fine Art to diversify her portfolio.

Her capital is too small for a Fine Art Fund, and she is not interested in long maturity terms.

Auctioneers would charge her a 20% fee in buyers’ premium, which would make the investment considerably expensive.

In comparison, Maecenas allows her to invest in a number of different pieces of art at a low fee of 2%.
James is a Modern Art collector who needs to finance the purchase of a new Jeff Koons sculpture worth $120k.

Instead of selling items from his collection, or getting an expensive loan, James get the required funding by listing in Maecenas 20% of one of his flagship pieces of art.

James gets to keep his collection intact and can raise the needed capital at a much lower rate.